Anytime you want to interact with the Xente Application Programming Interface (API), you start by creating an application.

Think of applications as containers for different use cases you want to build using Xente. For example, you can build an HR application, a loan application, or integrate with your accounting platform, all from a single Xente account.

Because applications are different containers, they can have different security levels, access different endpoints, and be switched on and off for different applications (or use cases) without affecting other applications.

This feature also allows you to create applications that can be distributed to other clients as long as they give your solution permission to access their account, all within a secure and controlled container.

To get started with a Xente application:

Step 1 - Create an application

Click on “Create a new application” and input a name and description for your application.

Step 2 - Authenticate and authorize your application

Authenticate and authorize your application. Learn more about authentication with Xente here.

Step 3 - Make your first API call

For your first API call, we are going to access your account details. You can do this by making a GET request to this endpoint.

Step 4 - Set up your Instant Payment Notification

All payment-related transactions (and some non-payment-related) requests on Xente are processed asynchronously. You will need to create webhooks, which we call Instant Payment Notifications, to get the final status of transactions. Learn about Instant Payment Notifications here.