Prerequisite You need a Pro+ account to create virtual Visa debit cards API

With the Xente API, you can easily handle card management tasks right from your own application. This includes simple actions like adding funds, checking card balances, reviewing transaction history, and toggling card activation status.

Get list of cards under your account

To get a list of cards on your account, use this endpoint

Get details of a single card

To view details of a single card, use this endpoint

Please note that card numbers are masked in the response. If a user wants to view their card details, they must use the secure link sent to their email.

Get Visa debit card transaction history

To get the transaction history of a Visa card, use this endpoint

Get Visa debit card statement

View get all debits and credits on a Visa card, use this endpoint

Stop a card

If you need to stop a card from transacting e.g. security reasons use this endpoint

Unstop a card

If you need to unstop a card that is in stopped status use this endpoint

Reset a card PIN

If you need to reset the PIN of a card use this endpoint

Deactivate a card

If you need to permanently deactivate a card use this endpoint